Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Oh what a ride!!

So, why am I showing you this picture?   Well, if my camera was working  (which it could be by now but, that's another post....) you could tell that it was a popped orange balloon.

This bit of recycling has caused quite the emotional roller coaster in our lives the last few days.

First there was disappointment when the store didn't have any candy.

Then there was envy when the store clerk was playing with a bunch of balloons and didn't look to want to share.

Then relief, ok that was me.  It was UBER satisfaction and ultimate giddiness when he offered one of them to my Little Dragon.

Of all the candy and chips and chocolate and other junk food and various treats the absolute BEST one of the weekend was this balloon.  He's barely touched his treat bag (partly because it was "put up" and we didn't bring any attention to it) but, this balloon has caused no end of entertainment!!

...and then, this morning, he sat on it.

....while he wasn't wearing pants.  So, it stung on two levels.   Poor monkey.  He's devastated.
So, now I'm off to go and fetch a package of balloons because....why not?  I'll have them on hand for the long cold winter days coming on.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Until next time; stay warm and dry.

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