Sunday, November 15, 2015

Spread Love and Kindness

Dear Divinity and Every Angel of Every Realm,

Please spread Your Loving Compassionate Rays into the hearts of those filled with Aggressive Hatred.

Their Aggressive Hatred is causing so so so so much hurt and pain. Innocent lives are lost, families are destroyed, old parents lose wonderful children, children lose parents. Women, Children, Men weep because an innocent family member is taken away from them.

Please Dear Divinity and Angels of Every Realm Please Please Please cover this World with a Blanket of Loving Compassionate Rays.

Make Love Replace Hatred,

Make Acceptance Replace Anger,

Make Harmony Replace Disharmony,

Make Peace Replace Conflict,

Make Greed Replace Kind Generosity,

Make Spiritual Awareness Replace Religious Intolerance.

Please Divinity and Angels of Every Realm,

We Need a Miracle.

We Need Love.

We Need Light.

Please Answer this Prayer that beats in every heart...

Your Divine Lover,
Kaishma Bajaj
Asha Shah
Gillian Lehman

And if this is your prayer, add your Name and spread it... The Power of Prayer is Manifestation of Miracles.

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