Sunday, April 10, 2016

Gilly Bean's Healing Gems....what exactly is that...are they...?!?

I've been trying to come up with an explanation for some time and this week I finally did it!   ...and it goes hand in hand with a new development that I've stumbled upon!  YAY!!!

 Remember last week when I (oh so generously, lol) offered to do four free readings for individuals that I would choose from the list of people who commented on that particular blog post?  Well, I got a WHOPPING two people who commented!  lol.  That's ok  Those two people are going to be treated to my brand new (but, what I've been doing all along) "reading".  I'm excited about this.

Up until now I've been leery about offering what I do to the world because it always felt un-authentic.  Not that I didn't give people what they paid for or what I promised.  I don't even doubt my abilities but "Reiki" or "ThetaHealing" or "Oracle Card Reading" or just about anything else including the jewelry that I make isn't JUST that one thing.  I pour all of my knowledge, experience and training into everything that I do so, to me it felt like I was misleading people about what I do and what I was offering.

Something else that happened last week; I joined a group that does readings for free (for group members only) to develop their skills (always learning and growing, always room for improvement!) and I offered to trade some Reiki for a card reading which lead to a discussion about only trading "readings" in which I explained that my Reiki almost always comes with a message and that led to further discussion and to an off hand suggestion that I give what I do a name.  I had never thought about it before and so I shrugged it off.  After a few days of stewing I decided that maybe the lady who suggested it was right.

This is what it was like!  A bunch of little ideas and then one big POW!!
I LOVE it when things come together!!

Next, I went to a private group I belong to, we bounced ideas around and came up with this:

Gilly Bean's Healing Gems - an intuitively personalized combination of healing, messages, guidance and more delivered to you in a virtual treasure chest overflowing with warm loving light, the highest possible energy and unconditional love.

You see, my knowledge, certification, training and experience encompasses so many things (Reiki, ThetaHealing, Life Coaching, Tarot and Oracle Card reading, Channeled messages, working with pendulums and crystals, making jewelry and I am always learning and adding to the list....astrology and herbalism are the next two that I'm working with) that I want all of the people who come to me for anything to get exactly what they need without having to pick one amazing modality over another.  In the next few day's I'll update my page to indicate what I will be charging and how I will be offering these new Virtual Treasure Chests brimming with my Healing Gems.  Please make sure that you keep checking back!

Scott and Pam are the lucky ones who will receive the first two shiny new (but, what I've been doing all along) "Gilly Bean's Healing Gems" and I'm so excited to go and get them ready!!  I hope you two are ready for the bounty of abundance that is coming your way!!


  1. Very happy for you ! I love how the name of services you offer is clear and person who books in with you will know exactly what for. We both know that everything comes in right time and once clarity is restored it shifts energy and "open new doors" . Sending you waves of love !

  2. Thank you Eva! I appreciate your feedback and support! <3


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