Saturday, April 02, 2016

Free readings

So, I've decided to do some free readings.  I will pick four people who comment on this post in the next week and do a reading of my choice...I say my choice but really....I will be guided to give what is in your best interest.

Here's hoping that I get four responses!  lol

(ps: until I get to the new web hosting site you'll have to have a gmail account and be signed in to post/comment, sorry....GoOgle's rules)

Also, let me know if you've shared this post in your comments.


  1. Hiya!!! I'm sorta a new blogger too, at least trying to get back in a groove in my blogging. This is a wonderful offer. Hope you pick me. Love your blog. Thanks so much. Blessed be, hugs!!!

    1. Hi Pam!! Welcome! I gotta say that I was so excited to have a comment from a stranger that I texted all my friends about it after I did a happy dance!

      I'm glad you're enjoying my blog. What's your blog's address? I'd love to check it out.

    2. Hi Gilly!!! My blog name is PamsPretties57 dot com. I'd love to have you visit me there. Thanks for replying. Blessed be, hugs!!!

      PS My blog is a bit dreary lately, just not i
      n a great place right now. But it will get better. Hugs!!!

    3. Hi Pam! You are bookmarked and I'm signed up for updates! I am off to bed now but, will look at it soon. Dreary is a part of life. Feel it, accept it and move on to greener and happier pastures. It's that easy! (yeah, right, lol)

      So, you'll be getting a reading. I won't be doing it tonight. I need to get to sleep....not matter how much I'm "high" from being connected from other readings. Three year olds don't care that Mommy was up late working. LoL. I will find a way to get your contact information and send you an email. <3

  2. Replies
    1. looks like you'll get one!

      ...a double dose as there's only two of you so far.

    2. Get ready!! I'll do this tomorrow night.

      I've got new and exciting things planned!! I'll have a blog post to explain it all before I do the readings.

  3. Replies
    1. I know I'm late now but, I'm hoping that you don't mind waiting just a little longer....consider it a birthday present? :-D

      I promise you it will be worth it!!

  4. I don't mind at all. I know it will be worth it


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