Monday, April 04, 2016

Sunday Reading - a bit late due to internet issues.... - You Are Ready

Hi!  I'm trying something a little different.  Just because I can!!

I have this deck of cards by Louise L Hay (you may have heard of her!  lol).  They are called "Power Thought Cards".  I've pulled one from the deck, see the pictures below of front and back.  Then I'll get a message to you in relation to that card.  (I apologize for the poor quality pictures....I will have a decent camera. I have written what on the cards below each picture.)


I do not have to earn love.  I am lovable because I exist.  Others reflect the love I have for myself.


You are ready.  It is time to go out and take the world by storm.  Your place is open and waiting or you to fill it.  Go now.  You are loved.


Well! That was short and sweet wasn't it?!?

What does the card have to do with the message....well, for me it means that as soon as you start to see you the way others see you things will start moving forward and upward in as many positive directions as you can come up with and more!

So, what are you waiting for!?!  Get out there and LIVE!!

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Have a beautiful week!

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