Monday, April 11, 2016

Sunday Reading (notice that I've quit counting...?) - Balance

Tonight I am going to pull a card from the Healing Cards deck  by Caroline Myss and Peter Occhiogrosso.  (Please let me know if you'd like more information on them.)

I'm just going to get on with it too because I'm past 24 hours late with my Free readings (life got really busy!!  ...birthday season and Little Dragon's Daddy is visiting)



Front Side (left) - Health promotes spirituality and spirituality promotes health.  (#21)
Back Side 
(right)- Choose one spiritual truth and live fully in harmony with it today.  Observe how challenging it is to let your physical life be in concert with your spiritual ideals.
Booklet excerpt - ....  Living in harmony with nature opens the way to environmental responsibility, and to respecting our natural human cycles, which are tied not only to our internal clock based on the diurnal rhythms of night and day.  Rising with the sun, going to sleep a few hours after sunset, and eating food that are locally grown and appropriate to the season are simple ways of attuning to the cycles of nature.  ....  ....  The more spiritually centered and balanced you are, the less chance you have to accumulate the stresses that are destructive of the body.  Negative mental states such as anger, jealousy, and dishonesty, which all spiritual traditions teach us to avoid, also cause sever stress and , ultimately, illness.  By healing the mind of its destructive thoughts and impulses, we stand a much better chance of keeping the body healthy.
Intuitive interpretation / Message - it is time to be mindful of the balance between you, the worlds around you and how everything interacts with each other thing in relation to your actions.  Strive for tranquility and peace.  This may not happen overnight but, start taking steps now and when the skills are needed they will be there for you to rely on.


This is pretty interesting for me on a personal level.  I've been asking for guidance on a few of those issues mentioned up there and I've had it!  lol
Have a wonderful week.  I'm off to sleep so that I can enjoy my birthday tomorrow!!

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