Monday, April 18, 2016

What to do when "the voices" won't shut up! - Also, Sunday Message - Love

Sometimes it helps to get those things out of your head by writing them down.  Then bury or burn them. It helps me. However, sometimes its 3am and you have to be up and off to work by 6am and writing pages of notes and them heading out into the garden (assuming you have one!) to bury and burn them just isn't an option....or a practical one anyway.  What do you do then?!?  Well, I'll tell ya what I do.

You can put them in a bubble to float away and not come back until there is a solution.

That's what it is right?!?  Does it work though?!?!?

Yup. It works great!  Here's how I know:

I used to put "it" or "them" in a box, put the box on a shelf in a closet and close the door.  For as long as I can remember (from twelve-ish) if the thoughts running through my head started keeping me awake I would gather them all into a tiny bundle and put them "away".  It worked great and by the time I was finished I would be asleep.

Then, one day, not that long ago, I meditated and "looked inside" like "they" say to do and found a worn out old door that opened onto a dark room with a bare light bulb hanging from the ceiling FULL of dusty decomposing boxes of different sizes and shapes and colours and every different type you can think of really.  I realized that this was my "out of sight; out of mind" closet and it was a bit overwhelming (or A LOT).  Luckily, to get to this room I had used a big torch. It was obvious to me what needed to be done.  I set it all on fire and watched all that old crap BURN!!

Oh yeah!  It was that good!!!

I felt so much lighter afterwards because even though I wasn't dwelling on all the crap anymore I WAS still carrying it around and I had no idea because I had essentially forgotten about it all having been in the "Out of Sight (thoughts); Out of Mind" Closet for so long.

I immediately changed my process to the balloon thing.  That way I wouldn't be burdened by all that weight anymore.  Then coupled with the intention of having it return with a solution was pure genius (if I do say so myself!) because it gets dealt with too.


I do this with everything now. Not just when I can't get to sleep.  Anytime I find myself dwelling on something for too long or something seems to be going around and around in my head I'll focus on it for a bit (aka mediate) to see if there is a message in it because as often as not itis something that I've sent away and has returned with a solution or it's a message from my Spirit Team.  If it turns out not to be either of those things I'll put the energy (because EVERYTHING is energy) into a bubble and send it off with the intention that it returns to my consciousness when a solution is ready to present itself.

Of course there are still things that I can't help over thinking and obsessing about but I don't do it nearly as much as I once did.  I also notice when it's happening so much more quickly.

I want to add here that if you have trouble with visualization it is something that can be learned with practice (I speak from experience here) and until it comes smoothly for PLEASE go easy on yourself.  You can still do this!!
*Say the words.
*Go through the motions.
*Feel it happening.
ANY or ALL of these WILL do the trick. Also, if this particular method doesn't work for you then you can make up something that does.  I just recommend that you do it in such a way that you won't continue carrying it around as dead weight like I did for so many 30!  I should look like the female version of The Rock!!

Just for the record, I do not look like this, never have.  These women are dedicated! Wow!!!
(I am not)

Have a wonderful week my friends.  I'll see you in a few days.

Oh, wait!  I can`t leave you on a Sunday night with no intuitive message.  Here it is:



Love unconditionally.  The practice of this will set you free.  When you find you are coming up to something with negative energy (in the form of anger, rage, judgement) brush it away (yes, it really is that easy) and replace it with love.  Unconditional Love.  Its energy is a light, soft pink.  Surround your self with it.  When you come across someone unhappy or in need of a boost imagine them surrounded with in this light.  There is no need to worry about crossing any boundaries.  Their higher selves will either accept it or not but, they will have felt the energy and hopefully be better off for it.  Nothing is touching them or invading their "space".  Think of it like saying "bless you" when someone sneezes.  The more you practice giving and dwelling in Unconditional Love the better you will get and as you may already know the energy you give is what comes back to you tenfold.  As an added bonus all of infinite number of paths that are open to you will become more visible.


That's it my dears and let me tell you there is quite a big lesson in there for me tonight!!

Have a wonderful week.  Spread Love everywhere.


  1. Love it. Great things to work on and practice.

    1. <3 happy to help! Let me know if there's anything else that you'd like to know/learn about.


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