Friday, April 08, 2016

I have a problem....well, a couple. Maybe you can help.

I enjoy doing things for people.  Truly.  I REALLY enjoy seeing other people happy.  It is an even bigger thrill for me if people are happy because of something I made for them.

I also enjoy making things with chain maille.  Jewelry is all I've got experience in so far but, there are so many more things.  I found something that I REALLY want to make but, I can't think of anyone I know who would want it.

I like making things but, generally once its finished I'm done with it and want to pass it on.  If I were a millionaire this wouldn't be such an issue.  However, since I am unemployed and have been for nearly 4 years now this is a significant issue.  I have found a Canadian supplier of rings who has bigger variety (to be fair, bigger variety of something that I'm interested in), more included instructions for different items, a bigger base of other "Maillers" to talk with and their prices are similar to the "going out of business" prices of the supplier in the US.  I found them years ago....why didn't I start using them?  I have no idea.  Now, I can't afford it.  (oh, woe is me....sorry)

My problem is that I have a number of things on this website that I want to make.  SO MANY COOL THINGS!! I just can't justify some of it without first having a buyer out there.

I also am a strange duck because I really enjoy making jewelry, I just don't wear much of it anymore.  Only partly because I react to metal when it comes in contact with my skin for too long.  Except for gold....and while I COULD exclusively buy gold chain maille rings...well, there are a few $pecific rea$on$ I just won't be able to.

There is one project in particular that I REALLY want to try (besides a full dragonscale weave maille shirt, that would be AWESOME!!) it is a neck tie.  Now, tell me, who wouldn't want one of those?!?  I mean really.  If you know someone who is interested PLEASE let me know.  I will make it for them if they'll pay the costs.  That's a huge savings to them because it's a 30 - 60 hour project AND they can pick the colour (mostly, from what the supplier has, but it's a good variety).  I've made chain maille bracelets in this weave and is truly seems like dragon scales.  It's light and slinky.  It wouldn't be like a huge weight around your neck, I doubt that it would be much, if any heavier than a silk neck tie.

Here's a picture of it:

Isn't it fantastic?!?!  The beauty of this weave is that it's two layers of rings.  One layer of rings is INSIDE the other layer and the colour just kind of peeks out.  The best part is at a casual glance it looks just like a normal tie right?  It's similar to wearing bright and funky socks with a fancy suit...only slightly more obvious.  I think it's fantastic.  The other great part is if you spill something on this one you won't ruin it.

A couple crappy pictures of the bracelet that I made my son. The bracelet is awesome (....if I do say so myself).  The pictures don't do it justice.  The outer layer is shiny silver aluminum, the inner layer is light blue and orange....on purpose.  Those are his colours (not the silver, the old supplier didn't give me a choice there).

The rings in the bracelet are bigger than the ones on the tie would be.   My Monkey wore this for years and only stopped when the clasp got too loose to keep it on him and there was only one time that it needed any repairing because a ring went missing.  I think he caught it on something on a "night out".  He didn't tell me of course.  Until I asked to borrow it to display at a few summer markets I tried selling my stuff at last summer.

Anyhow, I just wanted to put that out there.

Have a lovely end to your week and remember to go and comment on my Free Readings blog post for you chance to get one.  There's only two comments so far so, you've got a good chance to get one!


  1. Hi Gilly!!! What kind of price range are we talking here??? I have a grandson (well, actually two) who would love this. But I'm on disability and can only work a few hours each week, so I understand your $$$ problems. Let me know please. You can contact me at playamom57 at yahoo dot com. Thanks, Pam.

    1. I just sent you an email. I'm sure we can work something out!!


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