Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Green Bread

I really wish that I'd thought to take a picture of this before I cut into it.  Ah well...hindsight eh?  It really was a nice looking loaf of bread.  Let me tell you as a non-experienced chef/baker who likes to experiment right out of the gate that DOES NOT happen very often.

I have quite a number of people in my household that are gluten intolerant and a few that have grain allergies and I needed to make some bread.  Some might think that the easy solution is to just quit eating bread.  To that I say to you TRY IT!  Then, I wish you luck.  The next logical step would be to adopt a Paleo Diet.  Same issue.  Paleo for the most part is a lovely idea but, no bread, cereal...etc.

So, I took to the internet and re-found this website among others that are equally great.  This, however, is the one I picked.  I like quick and easy and it had it right there in the recipe title.  It's from a great website called MOMables.  I've been getting her emails for months now and they always have some great things in them.  The recipe is Easy Grain Free Sandwich Bread Recipe - Blender Bread.  It is great.  She says that it can be toasted. I haven't tried yet and I don't know if I'll be able to before its gone.  It's just toooo gooood.  It tastes like it would be though!  ...for breakfast, with some eggs....mmmmmust go grocery shopping....

As far as the bread itself; in relation to texture, size, shape its kind of like a banana or zucchini bread.  Taste-wise its more like an ancient grains/seed-type bread.  Its quite....hearty?  I don't want to say heavy because after you eat it you don't get that feeling of it sitting there in the pit of your stomach.  It is filling though....and oh so YUMMY!!  Here's a picture.

it IS green in the middle and the top is shiny and dark brown

Shortly after this I ate these two pieces.  One with peanut butter and the other with raspberry jammmmmm.  Earlier I had a piece with some Crockpot Lasagne Soup (I used turkey instead of beef).  Also from MOMables.  So, its versatile and not sweet OR savoury.  Did I mention that you mix it in the blender and not a regular mixer?  Also, there's no need to let it sit to rise.  So, if you're quicker than me at adding ingredients and such (I don't know why I take so long but, I do) you can have a nice warm loaf of bread in under an hour.

My soup was a bit of a fail only because I used rice pasta and that tends to completely break down if it isn't taken out of the liquid right away (I knew this and yet, I used it anyway...why?  Who knows.)  Also, someone took some initiative and added a can of black isn't bad by any means but, it wasn't what I was looking forward to.  It does taste good.

I got the recipe from one of her sample meal plans. They are really quite good.  Again, quick and easy.  My favourite!! I'm thinking of signing up for her meal plan.  I just wish she accepted PayPal.  It just makes life so much easier.


Here's the comment I left on the bread recipe page it has the substitutions that I used (I am SO MUCH not a fan of coconut, lol ~ another issue with "going Paleo").  If you decide to try it I'd love to hear about it:

I made this and it is wonderful!!
I made a few substitutions though.  I thought I'd list them for those that may have similar questions.
*I only had four jumbo eggs and that turns out to be perfect. (Yay! lol)
*I am not a fan of coconut so, for the flour I found this website:
I used chickpea flour at the ratios suggested.
*Instead of coconut oil I used olive oil.
*I also didn't have cashews or the suggested walnut substitution.  Also, I have to admit that the idea of green bread had me a little excited so, I used sunflower seeds.
*Last I used agave instead of honey for no other reason than because my three year old handed that to me instead of the honey.
My bread turned out great.  I wish I could upload a picture here but, I've posted this on my blog too so, if you're curious please come and take a look.  It isn't every day that you get to see green bread!  lol
***I just wish I had a better camera because the colour looks more blue than green in the picture but, it really is green!

Have a great week everyone!  Be sure to check out my other pages.  I've got a new special on readings.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

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