Monday, January 18, 2016

Have Peace - Weekly (I'm gonna try!) Reading - Week 1

So, I've decided that since I am after all putting up a website to offer my ability lend assistance to people who are seeking a guide through the twisty maze we call life I should probably offer you something that proves that I am actually capable of providing that service.  Makes sense.  Should have thought of it years ago!

Makes perfect sense actually.

Well, here goes.

My favourite thing is to channel messages from The Creator of All That Is (that's what we call it in ThetaHealing).  This is it:


Have peace.

In this time when there is so much turmoil and upset in the world the most important thing that you can do for yourself, your family, your loved ones, your health, your financial freedom, your relationships, your future and any other situation that you find yourself concerned and/or obsessed about is to "Have Peace".  When you find you are worried talk to your guides, angels, past loved ones, whoever you feel comfortable calling on in times of need and ask them for assistance with whatever is troubling you.  Then "Have Peace".  If there is something that you desire, ask, then let it go and "Have Peace".  The opposite of this is to have stress.  Stress causes too much havoc in so many different parts of life that it is just not worth it to keep it around yet so many desperately hold onto it as it if were the last bit of rope attached to a life line.  It is not.  Peace of Spirit will free you from the chains of stress that weigh you down.

Have peace and your life will start flowing smoothly.  It will be as if everything was being divinely guided.


Well, there it is.  A wise friend of mine remarked recently that stress is a reaction that was useful way back in the caveman days, it allowed us to stay alert and survive the daily stresses like living among large carnivores and having no walls to keep them out.  It is for the most part entirely useless now.  It shows us when we need to connect to a higher power and let The Universe guide the way.

All of these "otherworldly beings" are there waiting to help you.  They want so much to do so.  However, unless you ask for their assistance they cannot.  One other thing that I recommend doing is once the help has been received (...and it will always be given...), remember to say Thank you.  It is not necessary, you will continue to receive help as you make requests but, I have found in my personal experience that when I show appreciation that help is bigger and quicker each time I ask.

Some of you may be wondering how to start.  Well, it's kind of like praying.  I say kind of because I don't really know what praying is like.  I didn't go to church growing up other than the occasional Easter Sunday or Christmas Eve Mass and I certainly never did the whole "prayers before bed" thing either.  It is simply an internal dialogue that I keep with my Guides and the Creator and the Universe.  I talk to them and when I listen they talk back...all in different ways.  So, keep your eyes open because your answers won't always come in a way that you expect, it will quite often be something much MUCH better and not at all what you had in mind.

Have Peace this week.  Future you will appreciate that you did.

PS: If you would like guidance on a more personal level please check out my other pages (especially the Readings/Guidance/Energy Healing one) and send me an email.  I don't have a proper "store" set up yet but, I'm getting there. ( It's incredible how much ...stuff... has to happen for a proper website.  Ugh!) I look forward to hearing from you!!

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