Monday, January 25, 2016

Seek Serenity - Weekly Reading - Week 2

Ok, here it is.  Week 2!  I'm excited!!

I've always been a huge fan of Richard's, how can you not LOVE his energy!!

I'm just going to jump right in because...I need to get to bed.


Seek serenity.

In this time of chaotic energy it is imperative that you seek serenity.  Actively seek it out and be sure that you always have it within you.  There is quite a bit of erratic energy about these days and many people are getting swept up in it.  However, when you have serenity within you have the ability to follow your path without faltering.  Some will falter and that is OK.  Should you find this happening to you simply go to a quiet place, seek serenity and carry the feeling within you.  If it does not come easily ask your guides for assistance.  This will help you to avoid chaos energy.  Do not fear requesting help from your guides, they are never too busy, it is their job to assist you in any way you need them to.  They are always there.  Their greatest desire is to help you.  All you need to do is ask.  That is the most important part as they cannot do a single thing until you ask them .


Seems to be quite similar to last weeks "Have Peace" message.  However, the energy is pretty heavy and erratic these days isn't it?  Solitude would certainly combat that wouldn't it?!?  Try to keep this in mind as your week goes by.  Maybe a reminder two weeks in a row is a good idea.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Sweet blessings to you all.

One last thing.  I found this.  It's cute.  I had to share.

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