Thursday, March 10, 2016

Pablo Neruda and why I love Facebook

So, I was trolling on Facebook in some spare time on a crappy day and came across a quote that I just loved.  It was rather long but, I took the time to read it because it was good and then I shared it and thought I'd put it up on a blog post too so, rather than just using the meme I tried to find the original quote.  It turns out that the quote (poem apparently, duh) wasn't actually his.  It is quite like one of his poems but, I've got a feeling that someone adapted while translating rather than straight translating. So, I looked further and this is a meme (couldn't find a pile of text to copy and credit) with the original poem.

sorry about the big space, that's how the meme was made, someday I'll figure out how to make my own...

I really hope that is the proper translation....if anyone can tell me where the original poem is that would be great!  It's in a book....he had a number of them from what I've found.

He wrote quite a bit of poetry and it seems that he wasn't always making friends with it.  The little bit that I've seen was quite enjoyable.  Apparently he died in 1974 and there is conspiracy about suspiciousness surrounding his death.  I'm off to look into that a little more.

That's all for tonight.  Have a great weekend!!

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