Wednesday, February 03, 2016

A Story about Divine Timing and Following Your Intuition

So, funny story...and a little long.  I am a self proclamed Crystal-holic.  I can't get enough of them.  I love them all.  Every single one.  From the ones you find in the dirt that sparkle and catch your eye to the ones behind glass at museums and jewelry stores.  However, when it comes to Jasper (all types) I just never seem to connect with it and no matter how pretty, cheap, interesting or what a good deal it may be or not.....whatever it is I always leave it behind on the shelf for someone else.  Except this one time about 6 or 7 years ago when I was travelling from home in southern BC to work in northern Alberta.  I stopped, like I always do, at my favourite rock store in Banff.  I don't always make a purchase here....not ALWAYS but, at the time I liked to go in and drool over a dragonfly fossil that I was obsessed with.  It was only $2000.  Oh, how I wanted it!!  Money was good then but, that was crazy!!  So, I'd just go and visit it whenever I could.  LoL.

Well, on this particular trip the Ocean Jasper was calling out to me. I found this quite odd because, as I said, I'm not, never have been and still to this day don't particularly favour any kind of jasper. It just isn't my stone. This time though I kept getting pulled to it. So, I picked one. A nice big piece. Not the biggest or fanciest or cheapest. The one that was sticking out. It may seem odd to you but, it just didn't fit where it was and that's how I knew it was the one I needed to buy. All the way up to the till I questioned it because I just didn't get that "attached" feeling from it like I always do in these situations.
Some of you are thinking "that's it she's cracked, something very wrong with this one" some of you are thinking "I totally get it!!" least I hope so, lol.

That's the goal anyway!

When I  got it "home" (to my room at work) I put it ....somewhere and didn't give it much thought again. Then about three (a bit less) years ago I joined this wonderful online Spiritual Development group. I made some really good friends and got some really good stuff from it. Then at the beginning of last year I had the opportunity to be a part of an even more wonderful little online group of women who as it turns out would help me through a lot of crap and those friendships I made in the first group grew even stronger.

It was about this time last year that my piece of ocean jasper started showing up again. Strange right?  Maybe not if you believe in divine timing and purpose.  One night I was having a conversation with of these super amazing women and we started talking about rocks and what our favourites were. She started gushing about ocean jasper exactly the same way I go on about amethyst.


That's when it hit me....not literally (thank goodness!!) but, close enough. This rock that I'd been carting around for years was meant for her!!! There was no other way to explain it. It was just True. Then, how to get it to her? Postal rates are astoundingly ridiculous. How was I to manage that??? This was some time in February. I just put it in its envelope and knew that somehow, someday it would happen. It was her's after all and there was no rush in getting it to her.

A while later I joined different group on Facebook. It was to exchange things of a spiritual nature. Cards, stones, know. Stuff that had been important to you at one time but, it was time to move it on.  For the most part I ignored the group. Then, one night I accidentally found myself in there and saw something that caught my eye. I offered to trade and we struck an agreement. As we were talking a little voice told me "hey, if she's in England ask if she'll forward a package on for you (I'd pay for it of course but, I figured it would be cheaper this way). It turns out she did and her husband works for the post office and doesn't pay for postage. She was happy to do it and I gave her a necklace for her trouble.

So, finally, after months of kicking around Ravvy (my car), a move and two trips from northern Alberta and more it seemed that the little rock was on its way home. OH HAPPY DAY!! How wonderfully surprised would Joy be?!?
Then, disaster. For some reason there was duty (or something) to pay on the other end and the woman is in the same position financially as me. NOT rich and doesn't own a money tree.

anyone know where I can find one?  ....maybe spare a few extra seeds? lol

I'd have offered to send money to pay for it but, I had already spent a fortune (about the same amount actually) on my end and the stuff she'd sent me was all so poorly packaged everything was broken. So, I wasn't feeling too generous. I just hoped that if it didn't get picked up then it would come back to me rather than sit on a shelf indefinitely collecting dust for all eternity.

So, I waited and trusted (with only a slightly broken heart) that the right thing would happen.
....patiently of course....

A few weeks later I got a message. The woman managed to retrieve the package and she was over the moon and would happily send on my other package to Joy.

A few days later I got the most awesome voice message. The package had arrived and she was in love!!! I couldn't be any happier.   ...and can you blame her??


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