Monday, February 29, 2016

Greatness - Weekly Reading - Week 6


It is a leap year and I've just realized that the extra day is upon us.  How time flies eh??  WOW!!  Did you see the cute little graphic that GoOgle has?  You should go check it out.  It's adorable....actually, here:


You'd think that GoOgle and Blogger would be able to get together and let me share something like that....nope.  Anyhow, on with the reading.



There is greatness within all of you.  You can feel it if you stop and be still.  The first time you look for it what you find may seem small.  Know that it is not.  It is all consuming.  You need only practice looking for it and it will be found more and more quickly each time.  You will know and show your greatness more easily each time you touch it.

There is vast greatness in all  all that you see including what is in the mirror.  Start today to practice letting yours shine and you will reap the rewards.


There you have it.  We are all great.  You may only perceive a small spark of it when you first seek it out but, keep looking and soon you will know that it is vast beyond anything that you can imagine.  Believe in yourself.  Trust in your greatness.

Sending out love to each and everyone of you.

Have a Happy Leap Year Day and a wonderful beginning of March.

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