Friday, February 05, 2016

Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy - Certified Crystal Healer Course

I have wanted to take this course since I first became aware of it.  I sorely regret not doing so when it was first offered.  At the same time I can`t help but think that if I had taken this course way back then I wouldn't have gotten as much from it.  So, I'm also really glad that I didn't because I'm positive that over the years the course has been expanded and improved and smoothed out more and more each time it's offered.  I know this partly because every year I get an email asking what I'd like to see offered.  (I know that I'm not the only one to get this email but, all the same, it's nice that she looks for feedback).  So, I'd get quite a bit more out of it now than I would have years ago.

There are a few reasons that I know this would be a great course to have.  The first is that I've been following Hibiscus Moon since she first started doing videos.  I'm pretty sure that this is the first one I watched.  She posted it in a Facebook crystal-aholic group that we both belonged to.  This one is more recent and explains just how easy it is to re-tune your crystals.  So, her free information is great information.

Another positive point is that the courses and e-books/kits I've purchased from the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy in the past and her YouTube videos and website are all very well laid out and easy to follow and understand.  Just like you would expect from a teacher.

this is my selenite lamp

That's right!  Hibiscus Moon was a high school science teacher before she was a Crystal Guru.  I have really enjoyed watching her career grow and change over the years.  Actually, I think EXPLODE is a better word.  Now you have a third reason that I know she offers good information in a user friendly way.  If she didn't would she be as wildly successful as she has been?

What I do know is that "some day" I will take it and that will be a GREAT thing!!

One last reason that I think makes this course stand out from others is that it offers information not just from a metaphysical position but from the science side of things as well.  I think of it as having more tools in your kit.  The more you know about something the better you will be able to explain it to someone else. Also, it goes perfectly with one of my favourite sayings:

So, if you're interested go ahead and click on the link below to get to the page to sign up and learn more about this amazing course.  I'm almost positive that enrollment is closed for the class starting next week but, there are still the scholarship positions available and she's got a VERY reliable wait list that you can easily sign up for.

I almost forgot the most important thing!  The lady who is the heart and soul, founder and owner of Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy is one of the most genuine, positive, energetic, generous people I've ever come across.  At the very least head over to her page and sign up for the email updates and get the free "Crystals and Our Sacred Spaces eKit"  that she offers.

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