Tuesday, May 24, 2016

3 in 1: Sunday Message (PEACE), Monday Musing (a VERY short one), Time-out Tuesday (7th Plane meditation video; it's only 4 minutes)

So, after seven days straight I went and skipped a few including Sunday....it's a long weekend here in Canada and while yes, I do stay at home and mostly one day looks like the next....I am using that as my excuse.  It certainly wasn't because I didn't feel inspired at all or the fact that I was just plain tired and went to bed instead....so, here we will have a Sunday Message and quite possibly a Monday Musing and/or maybe even a Time-out Tuesday....

Let's start with the Message....



Have Peace.  Live Peacefully.  Love.  Find your place of tranquility.  It may be a physical place or somewhere you go to in your mind.


Well, seems like that's it for now. LoL.  I've got a bored 3 year old here....I did my best to connect and I did get a few moments....this video helped...however it's hard to be still and listen and let go when there's a 40 pound monkey crawling all over you....so, we're going to the woods...hopefully it isn't raining too hard.  I'm off to find my physical Tranquility spot....the video below is where I go in my mind.  Especially right before I channel.

This is Tiffany Powers.  I have learned a great deal from her including Reiki, Channeling and ThetaHealing.

That's it for now.  I guess you got a 3 in 1 after all!  It was a small bunch of stuff but, here it is...the meditation in the video will do you wonders though.  I know it has done for me.

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