Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday Fairytale - Tarry a Fairy Princess

Once upo....well, actually right around now, maybe even somewhere near where you are, there is a Beautiful Fairy Princess.

Now, there isn't much physical evidence or any other type of evidence for that matter to prove to you that she is a Fairy Princess but, Tarry Knows in her Heart of Hearts that she just didn't come from the same place as everyone else and if she can just follow the advice that comes from the voice of Love that lives somewhere deep inside of her someday the whole World would know what she'd Known for as long as she could remember; Tarry is a Fairy Princess and bound for greatness.  She's quite excited about it too, she speaks of it all the time.  Maybe you've spoken to her.  Tarry spends as much time as she can encouraging and supporting people even though they aren't always very nice to her.  It just feels like the right thing to do and that Voice of Love always guides her to the right place for her to help those in need.  She always does her best to help, all the while talking passionately about her Destiny and Dreams.

People sure do have trouble believing her though, they just don't understand.  Tarry often thinks to herself that maybe people are scared because she is telling them something new.  Everyone knows that new and different things sometimes scare people.  Hearing things they don't understand or that challenge what they believe can make them lash out.  Usually at her.  Quite often she is referred to as FrogGirl.  YES!! That's the truth, can you believe it?!?  She's not sure why but thinks that it has something to do with the combination of her too full lips, her unusually deep and raspy voice and her large and curious eyes.  The most likely reason though, is that unfortunate accident with a container of green paint back in primary school.  Tarry hadn't realized that what happned was such a troublesome thing.  No one had been hurt and she kind of thought it was funny at the time.  So, it came as a surprise when there was trouble because of it.   The little Fairy Princess grinned at the image that suddenly popped into her head and couldn't hold back a merry little chuckle.

"Oh Tarry!  We did name your well didn't we?  Come on then my girl, quit doddling, we'll be late again."  Of course, they're never late.  Her mother just worries and rushes too much.  Tarry is sure that part of the problem is her People Watching habit.  It seems to make her Mama very uncomfortable.  Our Fairy Princess just can't seem help herself though.  She is absolutely fascinated by the coming and going of people living life around her and always seems to get caught up watching.  She isn't ever late though.  She understands that she is always right on time and exactly where she needs to be.

As Tarry heads out to the car her mother is running every-which-way gathering the things she needs to feel comfortable and the thought occurs to Tarry that if only her Mama would slow down and listen to the tiny voice inside herself she wouldn't have to be so worried all the time and probably wouldn't have high blood pressure.  She would certainly enjoy life more too.

No one else ever seems to realize that the things you need will come into your notice when they are needed.  All you have to do is slow down and watch and listen.  The way Tarry does.  She knows that this way of thinking and doing things is what makes her different.  It is ultimately what lead her to the conclusion that she is in fact a Fairy Princess.  It just makes sense.  It is also what gives her the patience to wait for the world to notice and recognize it too.  Everything will work out.  Tarry just has a way of Knowing things and this is one of them.  The Divine Plan just needs to happen in Divine Time.  Her day is coming.  She can feel it!!

~~excerpt from Gilly Bean's Journey Journal.


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