Sunday, May 15, 2016

Saturday Story - The Bathroom Tiles

Can I just start by saying that if you're planning a renovation that involves putting tiles onto the floor (probably the same goes for a wall but, I can't be certain) just think really hard about doing it yourself.  I would recommend that you hire someone that you don't like to do it and pay them really well.  Why someone you don't like?  Simply because when they're done this job you offered them they won't like you very much either.  Seriously, I'm sure that there are people out there that are naturally inclined to do and genuinely enjoy tiling but, I can't for the life of me figure out who it is or what their basic skill set would be.  Tiling sucks.  Everything about it. My Dad and I have a vastly different skill set (he has always been a mechanic from lawn mower motors up to the giant trucks that you see on "mighty machines" type shows) and he tinkers with everything, basically, if it's considered a "trade" he's naturally adept at doing it...handy type of guy to have around.  I have always been in office type work, computers, crafty, creative, customer service.  Like I said between us we cover quite a few areas and neither of us are in anyway at all suited for tiling.  Tiling is stupid....and we aren't done!!   ....and it's only an 8 X 12 space!  ....minus the bathtub *sob*  Ugh.

Anyhow, this "Story" is about Little Dragon (of course! lol).  He doesn't just LIKE to help he INSISTS on it...we have a hard time keeping him busy anyway and with this tiling and all the renovation going on it's tough to keep him out of stuff that he just shouldn't be my Dad told him that he was the only one small enough to be able to walk on the tiles so we'd need him to pick up all the plus signs (spacers) from between the tiles because the cement (yes, I know it's mortar but, a 3 year old doesn't need all that...even though I'm sure he'd be able to understand) wasn't quite dry so, could he please do us the biggest favour and pick them all up.  Well!  After two days of not being able to help with anything interesting and us not wanting to use his special "cement" mix for under the tiles he jumped at the job.

my amazing and brilliant little problem solving helper

I asked if he wanted to get changed before he got too far into it.  He didn't look up, sighed and said "I really wish I could, I'm just too busy.  There's so much work to do.  Lots of important stuff to do."  This was before he had the shovel.  He started out on his hands and knees putting them into the big measuring cup but "oh, jeez, this floor is hard on the knees!" so then he was walking around bent over picking them up.  He wasn't happy with that either.  Honestly, you could see his brain coming up with a better solution.  When he did he went out, got his shovel and started knocking the spacers out and scooping them up.  An idea that he came up with all on his own.  Such a problem solver!!  Too bad he was too busy to get dressed though.  lol

Cool tiles eh?  They're porcelain.  It's the only thing I can think of that we've all agreed on ever...I'm sure there have been other things but...I can't think of anything.  Someone usually has to change their mind (aka "compromise").  These worked out great too according to the size, not too many had to be cut and they are just "fitting" where they need to even the little extra pieces and cut off bits and wonky shaped was meant to be!  Thank goodness because the state of "I don't care" that has come up between my Dad and I over this job...well, it could have been so much worse.  If we ever sell the house we just won't let anyone turn on the lights in the bathroom when they look at it.  LoL.  I mean, we care just not as much as we did before we started or that we will in years to come.  I'm sure we'll get over it.

I'll talk to you tomorrow.


my new bestie!
Yeah, that's the famous HGTV Brian.  Pretty awesome eh?!?  He posted a video about how it was snowing where he was and I retweeted it telling him how nice it was here in BC.  Then he liked it.  I was so excited.  (lol)  Too bad this wasn't two weeks ago.  He could have come and done our tiling.  He's pretty good at it and I'm sure it would only have taken him the afternoon....and I doubt he would have gotten the wrong advice from the people at the store (TWICE) and had to redo half of it and then.....enough.  *ugh*  LoL.  That's my new Bestie!



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