Thursday, May 19, 2016

Earth Thursday - Epic Paddler - Mike Ranta

So, I ran across an interesting business card today at the laundromat when I was doing laundry.  It's about a guy who is paddling a canoe across Canada.  YES!!  From the west coast to the east coast.  Crazy right?!?  He's doing it with his dog.

As close as I can tell he started on April Fool's Day at the Fisherman's Memorial in Stevenson, BC and is headed to Royal Canadian Legion Branch #78 in Dominion Beach, Cape Breton, NS.  He is planning to "paddle and portage faster and further than anyone in history using the spirit of Canada's veterans as fuel"  He's doing pretty darn good too!  He's a 1/4 of the way across Saskatchewan already!!

He would like as many veterans as are able to come out and meet him on his journey and of course he would love donations.  Anyone who donates gets their name put on a plaque in commemoration his journey and any veteran who makes it out to visit him have the chance to sign his canoe.

You can find the links to donate and get more information and see where he is on his journey on his website you can also follow him on Instagram and Twitter and Facebook and YouTube.

A few words from Mike:

Mike`s faithful and brave (not to mention adorable!) companion on his epic adventure Spitzii:

An amazing guy living his amazing idea!


  1. Replies
    1. I know right?!? Can you even imagine doing something like this?

      Actually, I'd like to do the West Coast Trail...I think that's what it's called.

      This guy is an inspiration.

  2. Definitely takes a huge amount of commitment!!!! It would be such a huge accomplishment to finish.

    1. It certainly would! ...oh boy, nearly said wood. lmao


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