Monday, May 02, 2016

Sunday Message - Inertia

Oh dear!  I've been so busy I nearly forgot all about this!!

I was out today and as the Little Dragon says "we went deep in the woods for a picnic and hike" hehehe, we weren't THAT deep.  It's an area (there are quite a few where I am) that you take a few steps into the trees and suddenly civilization is gone.  You can still here it but, you can't see it.  It's nice.  Especially out where we were.  Then I got home and realize that it's Beltane a time when it is said that the veil thins and you can visit with the Fae Folk....which is totally interesting because I HAD TO GET OUT today.  It took forever and the longer it took the more irritated I  got (we have TWO retrograde planets, have you been feeling it too???).  I'm also taking a new course by Doreen Virtue called FairyOlogy.  It is endlessly fascinating.  When I first heard about it my interest was piqued and then I kept getting led back to it and the less I listened to those signs the more I had fairies and fairy type stuff thrown at me until I finally gave in and forked out the money to take and and I'm so happy that I did.  My goodness that Doreen had a lot of knowledge.  She's a great teacher too.  The problem here of course (for me, lol) is that now I'd like to take another one of her courses that she's mentioned in one of the lessons.  I'll let you know if I cave's likely that I will because she's got a discount on right now and since I just looked and realized that I've purchased the most expensive course she's got (on her website at the moment) I will likely do this next one too.  I'd love to know if you've taken any of her courses and what your experiences have been with them.

Anyhow, I must be getting on with this.  I have some more stuff to do and I'm beat from all the fresh air and hiking.



Once you start moving energy around it will keep going so, be careful of what direction and how forcefully you send it.  If you always send out love it will always come back to you.  If you let the negative stuff creep in then it will continue to creep in.  If you have a project that is moving things around; new things in and broken old things out then the energy of that will move throughout your life and clear out to hold in order to move in the new.  It's a some times scary thing so, as always we remind you that we are here to help.  You need only ask.


Well, that was a weird one wasn't it?!?  I kept getting the sense that it is related to something to do with sacred geometry.  Something I've not had a big opportunity to study yet but, am fascinated with.  If anyone has any further insight I'd LOVE to hear it!!

I can't help but shake the feeling that this (at least for me) has to do with the renovations we're doing.  Oh boy is it shaking stuff up!!  Lots of old out, lots coming back in refurbished but it is mixed in with lots of new....and what a lot of work and upheaval!!

I'm off, I'd love to hear how you get through this week.  I'm sure it has some interesting things in store for me!!

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