Monday, May 30, 2016

Sunday Message - Activity

Hi Everyone;

I turned on the computer with the idea that I'd do a quick message and head off to bed. Here I am 5 hours later and just starting.  I made a quick trip to the corner store and then started some tomato soup in the crock pot then did a Timeout Tuesday post.  (Look for that one!  It's pretty good if I do say so myself!).  It should show up around noon MST on the 31st.

I've had kind of an off weekend, rainy and cool weather and fixing the tile job that's just been done in the bathroom that we're renovating (apparently I should have had a mask on while working with those chemicals....oops!  I missed that bit...duh!)  Anyhow, blah!  So, feeling a little better now and here is your message.



Being active is the key to good physical health and mental health and longevity.  It doesn't matter what type of activity as long as you are engaging different parts of your mind regularly and, if you can get up and get physically active that's even better...of course outside activities are the best but, do what you can to be active and engage with others as well.


This seems to be a theme for me lately and since we are well into Spring (at least those of us in the Northern Hemisphere) it seems to me to be a great suggestion!  I don't know about you but we had a GREAT and very early Spring's cooled off some and been rainy so, back to normal for this area but, I'm still looking forward to a nice warm summer.  I'm even seriously considering packing a tent and the complimentary gear and heading out with Little Dragon for a week...end.

Nice that the Universe is so concerned with our health that it recommends what we can to do make it better or keep it that way.

If you would like something more personal or in depth then please come see my Gems.  There are all kinds of options there for you and of course if there isn't anything there that suits your current needs then by all means go over to the form on the right of the page and send me a message.

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